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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



How does GoneLocal help my business grow ?

It is essential for your business to be on the 1st pages of search engines when potential customers are searching for local businesses. Listing on GoneLocal provides you with the following benefits:

You can get started with a GoneLocal Listing right away. You can open an account immediately or contact us and we will be glad to assist you.


How do I list my business on GoneLocal ?

The only things you need to get started are a Web access, and 5 minutes of your time. Listing your business does not require any specific skills or software, it's all done easily through on the Web. You choose which information you want to provide. You determine how often you want to update it. Your changes are published online immediately.

If you are not comfortable doing the initial set up yourself, we will show you how to login to your account


How much does it cost ?

GoneLocal listings are $77 a month and billed thru Authorize.net. The 6 month rate is $73 per month ($438), and the year plan is $70 per month ($840). These last 2 plans are paid in advance.

The one-time activation fee and personalized setup is a $250.


How is GoneLocal different from the yellow pages or the local newspapers ?

Yellow page listing are limited in size and are updated once a year. Newspaper ads have a short life time, and are also limited in size. GoneLocal in contrast provides:


What if I already have a website ?

GoneLocal provides a link to your website, which because of our high ranking in Google will provide much more traffic to your custom website. Users visiting your community pages on GoneLocal will find your products fast. GoneLocal pages are also designed to rank high on search engines such as Google or Yahoo, which is usually not the case with custom sites.

GoneLocal strives to provide the best possible performance and content management tools at a very low cost. In some cases, you may find that GoneLocal provides a cost-effective replacement for your current custom site.


Can I send newsletters?

We do not support distribution of newsletters in this first version of our service. We are however considering a number of possible product extensions, including:

mailing lists, so you can send newsletters to your customers or any user who registers
  • easy to remember email aliases
  • user reviews on your business or products
  • automated Frequently Asked Questions lists such as this page
  • job postings
  • discussion forums
  • ...and more. The intent of this site is to provide the best possible service to local communities, and we are constantly looking for input on how to improve. If you have an idea or request, please drop us an email.


    This site does not have banner adds, why ?

    We feel banner ads are annoying to the consumer and thereby detracts from the essence and effectiveness of the consumers experience. We believe that by keeping our operational costs minimal we can provide a valuable service to the community at a low price, therefore avoiding the need for advertisement revenue. We like to keep our site fast, informative, and effective