Beadahs Bead and Jewelry Store

203 Arizona Ave.
Santa Monica, California 90401

(310) 395 - 0033

About the company

Beadniks, an interactive bead store, is just steps from the famous 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. One of seven Beadniks stores across the country, the new Santa Monica location is proud to be the first Beadniks in California.

A haven for bead lovers, Beadniks is not your average store. They offer an inspiring and imaginative atmosphere in which customers can craft their own beaded works of art made from astonishing beads and treasures from the far corners of the globe. They also carry finished, handmade jewelry for the special people in your life. Knowledgable and friendly staff members are available to assist with bead selection and assembly.

Beadniks offers an unique way to celebrate your milestone events such as Birthday Parties, Bridal Showers, Graduation days, or just a day with the girls. Check out their web site for our calendar of classes.

Beadniks - Don't Worry Bead Happy!

Monday to Saturday 10AM - 9PM
Sunday 12AM - 6PM