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Laguna Hills, California 92653

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About the company

We've been in restaurants a long time (three generations, to be precise) and we love seafood; so maybe it was inevitable that sooner or later our passion for fresh fish would get the better of us. And there's so much to be passionate about - the freshness, the flavor, the variety, the surprise. Writers might dream of writing the great American Novel. We dreamed of creating the ultimate seafood experience. So true to a great American tradition, we took to the road and began the long journey down highways and byways to well-traveled destinations and out-of-the-way places in search of the essential ingredients. We put on bibs, pulled up a seat, and soaked up the seafood experience: The funny odd hand-painted signs, the no-name dishes with unforgettable flavor, the fresh-caught oysters and clams piled high like glistening treasure troves, the hand-lettered specials on ancient chalkboards, and the savory simmer of every combination of spices imaginable. One thing was clear wherever we went: People put a whole lot of themselves into their restaurants and their food - love and tradition, creativity and invention. The pleasure of preparing and sharing seafood was simple and genuine, and it brought out the best in everyone. Many times we felt as if we'd been welcomed into somebody's home. We came back so full of ideas and impressions we thought we'd burst. The next step was obvious: To let our exuberance be our guide in bringing them all together in one single, spectacular place filled with camaraderie and celebration and the things we love best. By the way, our journey is not over - we just want to share this leg of it with you.