Tokyo Wako - Teppan Grill and Sushi Restaurant.

310 S. Pine Ave.
Long Beach, California 90802

(562) 435 - 7600

About the company

With locations in Pasadena, Arcadia and future locations in Long Beach and Ontario, Tokyo Wako features an exciting dining experience for all the senses.

Enjoy the finest ingredients seasoned to perfection cooked at your table.

For an unforgettable dining experience, our teppanyaki tables are ideal for friends, family gatherings and business functions. Each Tokyo Wako also features fully-equipped teppanyaki banquet rooms for more private functions.

Each Tokyo Wako location offers a full sushi bar.

Enjoyed either as an appetizer or as a meal itself, Tokyo Wako compliments the teppan grill with a full offering of sushi. Whether your preference is nigirzushi, both styles are prepared to the highest standardsof freshness.

Tokyo Wako also serves a full range of fresh sashimi.